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"A Toast to Good Taste"
HAAS Printing sits down with Bill Kohl.

Bill Kohl is no stranger to good taste, a fine wine or a good cause. President of Tres Bonne Annee and President and CEO of Harrisburg Hotel Corporation and Hilton Harrisburg, Kohl understands the dedication and commitment necessary to take an idea from concept to completion and make it one of the most spectacular events in the Harrisburg area. Tres Bonne Annee is not only the crème de la crème among social events; it is the premier fundraising event for the Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts. Last year's proceeds alone were in excess of $300,000.00. "There was definitely a reason to toast!" smiles Kohl from his Hilton office in downtown Harrisburg.

Kohl is also quick to credit those companies and individuals whose countless hours of hard work, skill and unyielding stamina who are the reason behind the success. Among those companies included is HAAS Printing Co., Inc. "I've worked with HAAS for years, both with the Tres Bonne Annee event and other projects affiliated with the Hilton. They are one of the easiest companies to work with. No egos involved, but that doesn't mean they don't take pride in their work. Quite the opposite. I've seen them working on material for us during all hours, day and night, weekday or weekend. The phrase "nine to five" simply doesn't apply to them." Kohl is also appreciative of the level of knowledge, care and concern for making things not only cost-effective, but effective in general. "Jeff's mind is always going. Sometimes he would call and say "Hey, I saw this new paper or design and think it would work really well; or, he would let me know if there were ways I could accomplish the same result but with a less expensive paper or ink, etc. I trust them completely because I know they have our best interest in mind and that's something you can't put a price on. I can't imagine this event having turned out as well as it did had it not been for them. There were times when the pressure was mounting, deadlines loomed and the clock just kept ticking. Each and every time, HAAS came through. I was able to focus on other things knowing they would take the ball and run with it. They make things happen." Print This Testimonial

Food For Thought…
Central PA Restaurateur Don Carter

"It's all about trust and relationship building in this business, and HAAS knows the printing business better than anyone out there, period." states Central PA restaurateur Don Carter, whose restaurants; Dockside Willys, Rock Bass, Dukes (with two locations, one in Wormleysburg and one in Hershey.) are thriving in spite of an economy where people are tightening their purse springs to the point that dining out even for a "quick bite" has become a luxury vs. a regular occurrence. "Yea, it's a tough economy, but ya know what? It doesn't matter what your product is- if you have a strong work ethic and and know how to BUILD relationships with people vs. just "selling them" you're going to be successful regardless of what the economy does or what that product is. You'll find a way. And part of that building relationships comes from trusting your vendors. I trust HAAS to the point that I use them for everything we print. Every single thing. Sure, there may be printers out there who are less expensive, but that's really secondary to me. Knowing I can trust them and they have my back means I can focus on my job. And that's a service you can't put a price tag on."

Personal Service ALWAYS Comes First...
Carter's relationship with HAAS Printing dates back well over thirty years, when his family ran "The Ice Cream House", which just happened to be located right next door to the printer's office building on Hummel Avenue in Lemoyne. "Those were the days! I remember when Royce, Jeff, Mike and the gang used to come over for takeout. Our subs were popular with the pressmen." chuckles Carter, his eyes dancing as he tells the story of how he proposed to his wife, Debbie, who worked behind the counter at the time. "We had been dating and I walked in, asked her to marry me, she said yes, and afterward I told her to get back to work. And she still married me! And actually I think HAAS did our wedding invitations! " smiles Carter, whose boyish charm is still evident even after almost forty years in a business where failure is as regular as the daily lunch special. Carter, whose personality is one mixed with hard-headed businessman and mischievous schoolboy, shrugs it off. "Failure was never an option. I used to work with my dad and he told me at an early age "You get out of it what you put into it." Not succeeding wasn't, and still isn't, in my vocabulary. That's something I also admire in HAAS. They change w ith the times, but don't ever allow the convenience of technology to take the place of excellent service. That's a delicate balance, because it's so easy nowadays to just text or leave a voice mail. I like being able to talk to an actual person when I have a question instead of getting some automated service and spending five minutes hitting prompts. Who has time for that!? Every time I call or stop in, they always make me feel welcome, regardless of how hectic their day is. I appreciate that because we operate the same way."

Building Relationships by Educating Each Other...
Carter is also quick to commend HAAS on being a "quick study." "I remember when we opened Rock Bass HAAS had never printed a full menu before. There are disclaimers that must be included when certain dishes are offered, like with raw fish, etc. And of course my business is food, not printing. It was an education for both of us and we worked together on it til we got it right. Now all I do is pick up the phone, say what I want, and know it'll be taken care of, with every t crossed and i dotted. They really do walk their walk when they say "We Listen." Print This Testimonial